Song Dani Taught Me ….


Inspired outfit from Song Dani. 

Hola mis fashionistas, how you doing? The weekend is finally here, FRIYAY 🎊 Remember to have a wonderful time, and always always stay safe !

 I’m extremely excited to share this post with you guys, not only because it’s an inspired outfit by one of the Song Dani, but also I loved that it included denim. This Levis short I got them from a Thrift Store for only $5 dollar and I fell in loved in how they fit me besides the price. Dani outfits not only do they scream out “I’m the coolest chick” but it makes you look and feel like yourself. Why? you ask, I mean come on you pick out your outfit over night or morning, because you choose to and you’re pleased with it. So next time make sure to wear what ever you feel like no matter what others say, wear it and be happy.



My Outfit Details: Jacket|Ross |Blouse and Shades | Dtla Fashion District |Shorts |Thrift Store | Shoes | Lola Shoetique | Purse | Ross

Always, Jen❤ thank you so much for stopping by and don’t forget to stay tune xo!


“Tengo el nopal en la frente”🌵☀️


     Hello and welcom back, hope everyone else is enjoying Summer this year because not just only is it getting hotter here in California, life’s only getting better for us everyday. So don’t forget to be happy and keep striving.

What I mostly enjoyed about this post will question you because of the title right? I mean not only did my photography choose the place for me but I also love it because it gave my outfit a boost especially with my  shoes; which I love once i got them they were on sale for 14.99. I couldn’t help it not only are they comfy, but they can be a pair with almost any outfit and their not hard to keep up with when walking through your day. As for my dress I honestly dislike pink for an odd reason, but this pastel pink is just too pretty pair up with denim any day. How do you guys style your dresses? Comment below😉

And yes I’m Mexican that’s the reason why I choose that title. Embrace where you come from and be yourself always ….

Outfit details : | Shirt| Holister| Dress| Dtla Fashion District| Shoes| Lola Shoetique| Necklace| DIY|


My fashionistas thank you so much for stopping by XO, Jen❤

My fav demin skirt✨

Hello, and yes I’m back as a blonde again and I’m back after months. I honestly gave myself a little break from social media for no reason, but to enjoy myself.  In fact, I challenger you guys to try it and get back to me telling me how it went for yourself.

Los Angeles, Ca has been quick hot from 75-100 degrees. I mean of course it’s summer. Lately, I am only choosing to wear denim not only because it’s a fresh piece, but its a garment that was quick popular during the 90’s and there’s always new piece coming every month which is awesome. I got lucky to find this skirt in Holister, it couldn’t get any better they had a sale I couldn’t help it I fell in love. What’s your favorite denim piece and how do you style it?

Outfit details| blazer and blouse from DTLA Fashion District| Skirt| Holister| Shoes| Lola Shoe Boutique

Thank you so much for stopping by, XO Jen ! 

The countdown is on ….

new years 208img_5479new years 210new years 215Also check out my babes holiday outfits for more details Sistas From Cali ❤new years 200new years 212

new years 206new years 188

Outfit details Vest: Fashion District DTLA-Off the shoulder crop-top and shorts: Forever 21-Panty hose, jewelry, and boots: H&M

 Woo-hoo ! The countdown is on, but don’t worry I have you cover for your memorial outfit just like the night you’ll have. Because what’s nothing better than to look and feel good in what you choose to wear no matter what color or texture. Wear what you love and love what you’re wearing !

 For this year I have a different outfit because of the weather varying in Los Angeles, it’s quite crazy. This past week it has been feeling like winter a little so I want to stay warm and pretty for the holidays. I couldn’t help it when I saw this boots especially because they were on sale in H&M for $20. ALWAYS stay tune for h&m sale you may never know what you’ll find. Back to pairing, I pair them with this Silver GLITTERY shorts why not show a little excitement about this new year full of adventures coming our way. As for my vest, panty hose those kept me warm enough to not complain about this cold were getting so far. And lastly for my off the shoulder shirt I wanted to complete it with a little bit of skin. why not feel sexy and confident about yourself when choosing your outfit. try it and keep me posted!

Don’t wait to have an excuse to get up and dress up, go out there and celebrate life and health.
Gracias,  XO Jen 💋

Spontaneous Sunday🛍

  Wassup my fellow fashionistas☺️

It’s about time it feels like fall/winter in Los Angeles. As for others it might be worst or better, but enjoy the beauty of the weather and the fashion trends. On Sunday I spontaneously went shoe shopping in Citadel Outlet in city of Commerce in Los Angeles Ca. And let me tell you i didn’t find any shoes I liked in the Nike nor they had my size, so I went to check to Adidas and they had a sale of buy one get the second pair for 50% off. This happens to be my first time purchasing shoes from there and I actually found shoes I like and they did have my size yay !

The weather was quite fresh Sunday, so I thought why not dress a little sporty but with boots (changing it a little), a long zipper sweater (that I been in search for), and pair them with high knee socks that way I’m comfy and cozy at the same time. I also finally went for it and did a grey and black outfit this fall even though I can’t let go out dark brown so I couldn’t help but wear this boots. I love pairing short and dresses with high knee socks for fall/winter unless it gets super cold. How do you style your high knee socks?


I’m serenely glad you guys stop by thank you XO, Jen ! 


Night out in LA Live🌃


Hello, and welcome back 🙂

Were on the second day of this week we can do it ladies and gentlemen, let’s keep striving for a better living and enjoy it. Because life i said before life’s a beauty even thought their bad moment that come on our way. But honestly if it wasn’t for those bad experiences we wouldn’t be the person we are now right? Whose with me on this, let’s have a moment to our self and admit it. It’s always great to know yourself first before anything else, so enjoy your free time with yourself I’m sure you’ll feel a differences.

Now, let me share with you what I did over the weekend and you’re more than welcome to share with me what you guys did as well so comment below to share. So after months of not going to the movie theater i finally got to go and i went to LA Live in downtown la; the movie theater is called Regal Cinema. I’m sorry guys i didn’t take a few more photo of how pretty the place looks but i’ll be going back soon just so i can show it to those that haven’t gotten a chance to visit la. It’s starting to feel a little chilling here, finally fall hitting in la. I had to bring out my pencil skirt, hat and of course my boots because its boots season right? And this white tee i adore, because my brother gave it to me ha! I tied it because I wanted to add a little something so it won’t look plain for a night outfit, have fun with your clothes. A little story behind this white tee I wore is to show that i support what my brother is working on for his future so stay tune, music is love.

  Night Out outfit:

Hat, Boots and Pencil skirt: Forever 21

White Tee: soundsgood

Purse: Victoria Secret

iPhone Case: Amazon

Necklace: H&M

Bracelet : Local Fashion Store

Couldn’t help but take a selfie for you guys, thank you so much for stopping by hope to see ya soon XO, Jen !

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Casual Mickey🐭 

ootds 104 

Hi there, and thank you for stopping by again for those who do and for those that are new welcome to my Latin fashion world✌🏼️

We’re finally getting closer to the holidays, we just finished one of them this weekend I hope everyone enjoyed and stayed safe. If you haven’t yet check out what I dressed as this year don’t forget to scroll down and share with me what you were this year😃 

Today the first week of November, I’m quite excited to see when is the weather finally going to change this month because the sun still hanging out in LA. Which is why I’m wearing short and this open wedges, also because it’s casual Monday. Right ? Yep it’s Monday back to work, school, or if you’re on vacation lucky for you enjoy ! My casual outfit always seems to end up having some heel or wedges in them as much as I avoid it I can’t help them. Plus this pair are quite comfy and that’s what matters more when it comes to Mondays or any other day haha. How do you put your casual outfit together ? Let me know down below☺️ootds 107  ootds 128 ootds 137 Outfit details

Mickey Jersey and shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Andrea

Clear clutch: ebay

Shades: Fashion Districtootds 148 ootds 167 ootds 154

ootds 156 ootds 163 ootds 142

Thank god for another blessing week and don’t forget to keep that smile on your face😉 Xo Jen !

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