About Me :)

Welcome, this is just the taste of my sour style made with lots of passion♥

Why hello there ! Let me start off with a huge thank you for taking your time to visit my blog, hope you all join me on my trip that’s full of surprises. I’m Jeniffer Melissa, but I honestly rather go for Jen or Melissa, I’m a 21 year old Mexian-American, and my passion for fashion started when my mother dressed me up(loved the style she would choose for me). I think she’s the reason why I’m passionate about fashion. My blog is a way to introduce you all to the way I see fashion, photography and a way of describing myself also to encourage others to feel comfy in what mixing thing in general can create. Another important fact, I get to share with everyone how I style outfits for different occasion and I’d love to do so with you guys so don’t hesitate to let me know if you guys need advice. Last, but not least I’d like to say that I don’t mind at all (no shame) to say that I shop almost anywhere to Thrift Store, Yard Sales, DTLA Fashion District, Outlets, ect. but of course if I come along something I really want no matter the price I’ll be sure to get it. Don’t let the brand fool you, give some credit to others fashion designer plus its fashion duh! Life a freaking beauty, God does a great job talk to him.

To Sistasfromcali, check their blog out. A huge thank you and God bless your souls for being awesome gals introducing me to great ideas that will help in my future, im honestly blessed to have met you girls hope we can enjoy more La Moda moments gracias xoxo !

– Yours truly, Jen.



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