Song Dani Taught Me ….


Inspired outfit from Song Dani. 

Hola mis fashionistas, how you doing? The weekend is finally here, FRIYAY 🎊 Remember to have a wonderful time, and always always stay safe !

 I’m extremely excited to share this post with you guys, not only because it’s an inspired outfit by one of the Song Dani, but also I loved that it included denim. This Levis short I got them from a Thrift Store for only $5 dollar and I fell in loved in how they fit me besides the price. Dani outfits not only do they scream out “I’m the coolest chick” but it makes you look and feel like yourself. Why? you ask, I mean come on you pick out your outfit over night or morning, because you choose to and you’re pleased with it. So next time make sure to wear what ever you feel like no matter what others say, wear it and be happy.



My Outfit Details: Jacket|Ross |Blouse and Shades | Dtla Fashion District |Shorts |Thrift Store | Shoes | Lola Shoetique | Purse | Ross

Always, Jen❤ thank you so much for stopping by and don’t forget to stay tune xo!


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