The countdown is on ….

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Outfit details Vest: Fashion District DTLA-Off the shoulder crop-top and shorts: Forever 21-Panty hose, jewelry, and boots: H&M

 Woo-hoo ! The countdown is on, but don’t worry I have you cover for your memorial outfit just like the night you’ll have. Because what’s nothing better than to look and feel good in what you choose to wear no matter what color or texture. Wear what you love and love what you’re wearing !

 For this year I have a different outfit because of the weather varying in Los Angeles, it’s quite crazy. This past week it has been feeling like winter a little so I want to stay warm and pretty for the holidays. I couldn’t help it when I saw this boots especially because they were on sale in H&M for $20. ALWAYS stay tune for h&m sale you may never know what you’ll find. Back to pairing, I pair them with this Silver GLITTERY shorts why not show a little excitement about this new year full of adventures coming our way. As for my vest, panty hose those kept me warm enough to not complain about this cold were getting so far. And lastly for my off the shoulder shirt I wanted to complete it with a little bit of skin. why not feel sexy and confident about yourself when choosing your outfit. try it and keep me posted!

Don’t wait to have an excuse to get up and dress up, go out there and celebrate life and health.
Gracias,  XO Jen 💋