Spontaneous Sunday🛍

  Wassup my fellow fashionistas☺️

It’s about time it feels like fall/winter in Los Angeles. As for others it might be worst or better, but enjoy the beauty of the weather and the fashion trends. On Sunday I spontaneously went shoe shopping in Citadel Outlet in city of Commerce in Los Angeles Ca. And let me tell you i didn’t find any shoes I liked in the Nike nor they had my size, so I went to check to Adidas and they had a sale of buy one get the second pair for 50% off. This happens to be my first time purchasing shoes from there and I actually found shoes I like and they did have my size yay !

The weather was quite fresh Sunday, so I thought why not dress a little sporty but with boots (changing it a little), a long zipper sweater (that I been in search for), and pair them with high knee socks that way I’m comfy and cozy at the same time. I also finally went for it and did a grey and black outfit this fall even though I can’t let go out dark brown so I couldn’t help but wear this boots. I love pairing short and dresses with high knee socks for fall/winter unless it gets super cold. How do you style your high knee socks?


I’m serenely glad you guys stop by thank you XO, Jen ! 



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