Night out in LA Live🌃


Hello, and welcome back 🙂

Were on the second day of this week we can do it ladies and gentlemen, let’s keep striving for a better living and enjoy it. Because life i said before life’s a beauty even thought their bad moment that come on our way. But honestly if it wasn’t for those bad experiences we wouldn’t be the person we are now right? Whose with me on this, let’s have a moment to our self and admit it. It’s always great to know yourself first before anything else, so enjoy your free time with yourself I’m sure you’ll feel a differences.

Now, let me share with you what I did over the weekend and you’re more than welcome to share with me what you guys did as well so comment below to share. So after months of not going to the movie theater i finally got to go and i went to LA Live in downtown la; the movie theater is called Regal Cinema. I’m sorry guys i didn’t take a few more photo of how pretty the place looks but i’ll be going back soon just so i can show it to those that haven’t gotten a chance to visit la. It’s starting to feel a little chilling here, finally fall hitting in la. I had to bring out my pencil skirt, hat and of course my boots because its boots season right? And this white tee i adore, because my brother gave it to me ha! I tied it because I wanted to add a little something so it won’t look plain for a night outfit, have fun with your clothes. A little story behind this white tee I wore is to show that i support what my brother is working on for his future so stay tune, music is love.

  Night Out outfit:

Hat, Boots and Pencil skirt: Forever 21

White Tee: soundsgood

Purse: Victoria Secret

iPhone Case: Amazon

Necklace: H&M

Bracelet : Local Fashion Store

Couldn’t help but take a selfie for you guys, thank you so much for stopping by hope to see ya soon XO, Jen !

Let’s stay in touch IG: missjenmelissa


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