Medusa was mortal🐍

  • Medusa was one of three sisters born to Phorcys and Ceto known as the Gorgons.

Welcome back my fashionistas, and happy holidays may you have a wonderful time !

After months of not post I’m finally back and for good I’m really sorry and I’m mad at myself for slacking of I have no excuse therefore I’ll continue to share my fashion journeys with you guys😉

This Halloween I finally went for it and look I’m medusa this year yay ! I have always like medusa story and how they made her look, even though she was an evil person. Here im share a few Dia De Los Muertos altars and art that Grand Park has every years in memories of those who we have lost in Los Angeles Downtown. This a Hispanic tradition we like to do for our loved ones every years because they might be gone but they will remain in our heart. Aren’t they great ?


       Medusa DIY:Headband, bracelet, ring : local 99 cents

Dress: FashionDistrict

Sandals: Andrea


For the head band you can barely see it but the headband is quick thin and it has little holes that allow me to insert the snakes with out using the glue. Until it gets to my ear the holes end, so that’s where I had to use the glue.

The snakes around my neck are two separated ones I pined them in order for them to stay so they will stay in place.

As for my make up I got an idea on Pinterest using a weaving cap in order to have the snake prints on the side of my eyes and my lips. I used brown eye shade and black lip stick, the rest of my make up is just my everyday make up.   

  Supplies I used, here you can see the little holes in the headband where I insert the snakes and I got it in dark grey because of my hair color. The plastic snakes I bought where all in black, I had to paint them with a parmanent market in gold and grey. All the supplies I got them at my local 99 cents store. 

Happy Halloween and have a spooky evening be safe, Xo Jen !

Stay tune for more😃 thank you !