Grannystyle for summer👵🏼☀️

Hola fashionistas 🙂

When was the last time you dyed your hair? Or you haven’t for first time? I just dyed it last week I wanted to try a new trend everyone chatting about. The granny hair color, I honestly didn’t think I would go for it  because it’s grey. The only hair color I have tried besides blonde would be red just on my hair tips when I was younger. My mother happen to be the one that got me into dying my hair, she did highlights on me when I was only six years old. When I got to high school I started to dye all my hair, I did blonde highlights. I fell in love in how the blonde made me look a little lighter like I was when I was a child. Because for those that know me well I dislike getting tan, so sun isn’t my best friend at times. As for this time I wanted to try something different from blonde, but I couldn’t do it. So I left blonde on the top and grey in the bottom. What do you ladies and gentlemen think?

For today’s Ootd I have for you what I call simple, a white crop top and this DIY distressed jean thanks to Jose‘s DIY I loved it and for my first try I think I did just fine right? How did I do on my distressed jeans guys? I been wanting to wear this glittery shoes I got last year this is my second time I wear them so why not put them together with this outfit. I try and wear wedges as much as I can because with high high heels I need more practice. This shoes I’m wearing aren’t as high so I gave them a try and they were walk able. So the weather has been getting better here in Los Angeles, CA. Summer here my fashionistas, come celebrate your vacation here I’m sue you’ll have a blast.

Thank you so much for stopping by my fashionistas hope to see you more often, XO Jen😘


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