So fresh baby !

Summer 2015 is getting closer and closer yay !
  Hope everyone enjoying this summer because the sun peaking out here in Los Angeles so if you guys can stop by and enjoy summer here. There’s so much to experience and learn in the city of fashion just like New York for all my fashionistas. Also if you like traveling this is definitely the place to have on your bucket list. Travel as much as you can because it’s always good to learn a little bit of every culture you may never know when you might need to use what you learned.
It’s finally hitting to 70 degrees in Los Angeles can’t wait for it to be higher because who doesn’t like wearing shorts, crop tops, bright colors, and summer dresses. I love it when the sunny peaking and the air fresh i think the fresher it is you clothes makes you feel more comfortable. Like with this outfit the weather was quite fresh so i picked out this pants and blazer because they feel silk. I also been wanting to try an all nude or khaki outfit but i had to add a bright color for this summer and like they say ” when in doubt wear red”. How would you style an all nude or khaki outfit? Or what color would you use? Outfit Details :
Blazer: Fashion District DTLA
Blouse and Pants: Forever 21
Boots and Necklace: Forever 21
Watch : Michael Kors Stay tune my fashionistas and thank you so much for stopping by !

XO, Jen.


One thought on “So fresh baby !

  1. beautiful! you look amazing and so chic 🙂 i love the pants especially
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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