Mix it up this summer🙌🙌

Hello June, hello summer !

Whose excited for summer this year? I sure am especially for those that know me well and as you seen on my posts i love wearing crop tops. Their just so comfy and make me feel like myself. For summer their the right piece to wear to show off a little of skin this summer for those that haven’t already. Showing a little of what your momma gave you would be a new outfit you can try this summer, don’t mind others do you and enjoy yourself😉

White, denim and boots? This summer why not, I’m in love with white and denim their perfect for any season. White is as elegant as black whose with me on this? I didn’t use to like white but not I’m in love with it I try to wear it as often as I can. Because it can be matched with any color, pattern even though you have to be real careful not to get dirty before you leave your house haha!

I wanted to get June started with a 90’s look with a choker, paring them with a denim shirt and of course with brown boots because they could just go with almost everything. This outfit makes me feel a lot like myself because of the colors I chose and I got to show a little skin since summer peaking. All white will always be a good match for any season just like I mention earlier, black is simple yet an elegant look just like white is as well.


    Crop top: H & M-Shorts: Forever 21-Shirt: Fashion store in DTLA-BootsAndreaPurses: Mexico-BraceletAmiclubwear

Thank you so much stay tune, Xo Jen !


One thought on “Mix it up this summer🙌🙌

  1. Hello! Your blog is SO lovely and this look is so much fun…loving those sunnies! I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Kyra Xx

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