Feeling like summer ?☀️

Hello ladies and gentlemen 😉

This past weeks have been quite confusing in Los Angeles, like any other day in CA. But there’s always a day that will be a better weather so make sure to take advantage of the day, enjoy it and wear whatever you feel like it. Plus Spring here take out all your pastel, floral, boho chic clothing and go out on a new adventure. So for today’s post I some something simple and short for my fellow fashionistas. I felt excited for today’s sunny day weather so I’m wearing an overall with a blazer I tried to keep it balanced with the weather since I have class in the evening it keeps me warm in case mother nature decides to go from 70 degrees to 55. And don’t forget that you can never go wrong with Burgundy or wine colored lipstick, well for me I love the dark colors on my lips I feel like it goes well on almost anything especially for Spring I feel like it can make your outfit stand out. What’s your favorite color of lipstick Or what color do you wear the most?

There’s something about this outfit that makes me feel in between the weather which is perfect for an LA outfit of the day. This blazer inside fabric is supper thin, fresh and this skirt overall is way to comfortable to move around with for the rest of my day in school. Remember stay as fashionable and comfortable as you can when you’re at work and school. IMG_3696

Outfit Details:

Blazer, Boots & Bracelet : Forever 21

Blouse, Overall & Necklace: Thrift Store

Clutch: Handmade

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon 🙂

XO, Jen !