LV exhibit💼

Buenos Dias, my fellow fashionistas☺️

Thank god it’s Friday ! Hope everyone has a great weekend at work or with your loved ones and family. This is my second week of spring semester after just being done with winter, but I’m glad there no break so that I can be done soon and transfer. I’m majoring in Fashion Merchandise, I have always been into clothes and jewelry. When I was in middle school we had to wear uniform their colors were navy blue and white, so I thought why not give my uniform a pop of color. I would wear color jewelry matching my shoes sometimes. The principal and staffs weren’t  allowing students to wear anything but the uniform colors. Of course I didn’t listen even if I had to hide from them I would still wear them. Graduation was right around the corner I had to step it up, but the only thing that was holding me back from graduating were the jewelry I would wear. So I had to give them up in order to graduate. Then it was high school there I finally felt free to wear what ever I wanted. That’s where I got to show what I’m about.

Last week me and my lovely fashionistas Lesli and Jacki finally got a chance to visit “Series: 2 A Presentation of the Timeless Inspirations Behind a New Collection”, which will feature a series of rooms with displays that include inspiration Spring 2015 collection from Louis Vuitton. It will take place in Hollywood, Ca started from Feb 6 – 22nd open to the public. It sure was a day to remember for us after waiting for almost an hour since it was the last day and when we got there it started to sprinkling. So as we were chatting in line it start to rain and people didn’t seem to live even if they didn’t have an umbrella. Lucky my friend had one in her car, so they went to get it and we got saved by it. But it sure was worth the wait, the collection was  awesome I loved their 3D LV lights as you walked in and they gave out posters, magazine and stickers. As for my outfit I thought if it rained or not, I wouldn’t be cold with this dress and blazer. Since the weather has been varying from 75 degrees to 50 degrees.  I been wanting to pull out this dress I just wasn’t sure what to pair it with because as you guys can see on most of my outfit I like to mix colors. So I  paried it with white, because white is as elegant as black can be. Whose with me? How would you were white?

Exhibit Outfit :

Blazer: Xoxo

Dress: Forever 21

Necklace: H & M

Clutch: Thrift Store

ShoesLola ShoetiqueThank you so much for stopping by see you soon !

XO, Jen 😉

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