Crazy Stupid Love💝

OH MY ! Valentine’s day two days away, should we celebrate or should we stay home eating ice cream?  Umm ….

Why hello, ladies and gentlemen ! Keep calm the weekend almost here, so kick ass and werk werk werk. Now let’s get back to today’s question, should we celebrate Valentine’s? Sure why not? Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, some have the weekend off the rest are working. So why not enjoy another day of life for others that can’t and just because it’s another day you woke up to. If you have a special someone you would like to celebrate with go a head, do whatever comes in mind and don’t think about it so much because it isn’t about how much you’ll give or get; its about what comes from the heart and effort you put into. No matter how small  or big the gift will be. In the other hand, for those who are single ready to mingle go out with your friends and family member. Don’t think about it too much and stop lying to yourself. You know you really don’t want to stay home watching chick flicks while eating ice cream or chocolate (not that I wouldn’t mind doing any other day haha) stop being hard on yourself and why not treat yourself I mean who knows you better than yourself.  Don’t forget you can never go wrong with your besties and family when it comes to fun right? I personally always tag along with my family when it comes to Valentine’s day or any other day just because I already know I’ll have a good time with them.

So, I know some of you might disagree with me on this and please leave me a comment on why you disagree I would love to hear you out. Don’t get me wrong, but you gotta live it up a little especially if you have so much going on. Treat yourself ! Even if you can’t dance, sing or don’t drink, you could still have an awesome time not having to do anything but letting the good times roll. Life is a beauty, go see it yourself. 

The reason why I wanted to do this post with my babes Lesli and Jacki from Sistas From Cali, to show you single fashionistas that you need to enjoy yourself any other day you can with the people that appreciated you and enjoy your company as much as you do as well. People will walk in your life as a forever or temporarily, so it’s you call to make the right decision. At the end I’m sure there will be a happy ending by knowing you did what you could to make things right. I have been knowing this girls for about two years now and they are amazing humans I couldn’t have asked for more. I mean take a look at this photo, and tell me what you see. It has been a pleasure having them a part of my life, they are like my sister from another mother they don’t let me go out side with a bad outfit and there always honesty in everything. It’s always a good time when we hang out, were like the three musketeers. Friends will always be there, boys come and go. “Bros before hoes” right? 🙂

Yay !!! I’m the happiest girl in the world Jacki said ” Yes !”

 V-day Outfit:

Blazer: Thrifted Store

Crop top: Local Fashion Store

Skirt: Forever 21

Happy Valentine’s Day my fashionistas and thank you so much for stopping by ! Have a blessing day and enjoy every minute of it 😉

Hugs and kisses, Jen.

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