Yay, Hollywood Costume Exhibitionūüé¨

Yes, the Hollywood Costume Exhibition is here in LA ! 

Hi, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend whether it was cold or not life’s way to short to waste a day with out smiling. Especially if you’re always busy, it’s time to give yourself a break and enjoy. Now let me share with you how my Monday morning started as I was getting ready to go to on a filed trip thanks to my Fashion 5 professor we went to the Hollywood Costume Exhibition next to LACMA. I had in my that today’s weather will look like it’s raining cats and dogs. So I had to get something warm, comfy yet classy. As I got my blue ruffled a-line coat I had to go with a short light dress, so I paired it up with a light pink lace dress that I got for Christmas and since the dress with almost the same length as the coat I wanted to cover up my legs with ¬†black panty hose but I totally forgot to pay another pair because the ones I have now are ripped. I didn’t want to change my outfit, so I thought why not wear high white knee socks with my dark brown boots to give it a mix style which definitely describes me ¬†a little. What do you think? and How’d you wear a ruffled a-line coat?

The Hollywood Costume Exhibition is based on films from 1970-2014 that include over 150 costumes starting The Tramp, The Wizard Of Oz, Marilyn Monroe, The Adam’s Family, Titanic, Indiana Jones, Pirates Of The Caribbean, ¬†Supper Man, Iron Man, Batman, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, Django and The Twilight Sage. If you’re majoring on Costume Design this is the place for you if you aren’t sure yet this exhibit will change your mind. The costume are just simply amazing just like Martin Scorsese¬†said ” Costume is The Character”. Also if you’re into films and fashion just like I’m you will love this place. You got to see it for yourself fashionistas !¬†Exhibit Outfit:

 Ruffled A-line Coat: Wish (App Store)

 Lace Dress and Boots: Forever 21

 Necklaces; H & M

 High Knee Socks; Fashion Store

¬†Shoulder Purse: Victoria SecretAlso check out my favorite¬†Sisitas From Cali¬†and my dearest friends for outfit ideas they’re great !

Don’t forget if you’re in the city stop by the exhibit it’s amazing, thank you so much and hope to see you soon. XO, Jen !

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