Flashback to the mini snowman …

Hola amigos, Feliz ano nuevo/happy new years 😉


How’s your first week going? Don’t forget this is your year to accomplish what you weren’t able last year and try new things, there always a first time for everything. Have an adventure with you loved ones, friends and meet new people. Thank god for another year, let’s the good times roll. Even if you went back to school this week just like I did, make the best of it.

Let me give you a short story about my trip to Angeles National Forest with my family, a week before new years. As I have mention in my previews post here in Los Angeles, Ca the weather hasn’t been great, just last week it happen to rain and this week it’s been 65-75 degrees. So we probably wouldn’t find much snow but we wanted to give it a try. As we drove going up the mountains we didn’t see snow at all, we kept going and started seen a few snow, so we had to keep driving as high as we can get up in the mountains to find snow. That’s when we got to more snow and we had to stop to enjoy. We always try to go every year, it has become a tradition for us to go and make a snow man no matter how cold it’s up there. The weather there is below 50 degress, what does that tell you? Yep you have to cover up as much as you can, but yet look your best. And don’t forget leather gloves because the snow is really cold to touch with cotton gloves. I been going for a couple years now and let me tell you I had no clue in what to wear my first time I was freezing haha ! So this time I wore double everything from sweat shirts to leggings under my pants and double socks. And keep warm with a beanie, scarf and gloves. 2015/01/img_1171-0.jpg








Snow Outfit: 

Coat: Ross

Pants and leggings(under): Aeorpostal and Forever 21

Shirt and Sweat Shirt(under): Hollister and Old Navy

Scarf and Beanie: Forever 21 and Hue

Raining BootsCklass








2015/01/img_1252.jpgThank you so much for stopping by, hope to see you soon, Happy Friday enjoy !

XO, Jen 🙂

Stay in touch via Instagram @jenforpresident



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