3 Latina Blogger And 3 Inspiration Outfit


Hello, how you doing? Hope you’re getting ready for 2015, if not you’ve one whole day to remember why you’re doing what you have been doing this year and if it makes you happy. 2015 is our years to do what we do best, go big or go home. It’s time to give it our best shot and not give up on what you desire to accomplish, and yes I agree it’ll not be easy but keep striving and enjoy because when you react higher I’m sure you’ll be thrilled in what life will offer. And you’ll meet new that might want to stop you if so show them what you got, in the other hand there will be wonderful people that will appreciated you and help you. Just like I’m thankful to have met Lesli and Jacki last year in Fashion 1, they’re awesome advisers and friends to me. What makes it a strong friendship is honestly fashion and honesty. It’s great to be able to share things we like with each other, go to events, blog, explore, have girls night out and all the good stuff. So Lesli and Jacki had the idea of shooting a NYE inspiration outfit and I had the idea of sharing with you all a little of what we are about by matching blue but in our own sense of style. Like I mention in my last post it’s been feeling from 50-67 degrees, so the weather gives us a chance to show of our leg muscles we’re working on for the summer and keep warm with our coat in case it gets colder. NYE a day away I hope this can give you an idea on what to wear and express your self.






Jen’s Outfit:

Blazer: Thrift Store

Jumpsuit: DTLA Fashion Distic

Necklace And Boots: Forever 21






Happy last week of 2014, enjoy and thank you for stopping by. Xo, Jen !

You can also follow me on Instagram @jenforpresident



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