It’s Been A Pleasure 2014 !

Yep, this is the last week of 2014 ! How you ladies and gentlemen doing? Are you ready to say goodbye & start a new chapter? Well suck it up because life’s full of surprises whether they’re good or bad, their always something great for you. Happy holidays my fashonistas don’t mind others !

NYE Outfit:
Get this look & many more great clothing from Dailylook, this outfit I chose is part of the Little Black Dresses Collection. Here in LA the weather has been feeling 53-67 degrees and that’s just as cold as it can get here, so that’s why I went for this dress and coat to stay warm. I love jewelry and I try to add it into all my outfits, but for this dress I couldn’t because of the design the dress has I can’t ignore it. But I had to mix it a little so I chose a burgundy clutch to give my outfit a spicy look. What colors or patterns would you mix?

Thank you for stopping by can’t wait to see you all again, XO Jen !

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