Holiday Party Ready, Are You?

Hey there !! Who excited for the holidays parties with family and friends? Why not, live it up a little it’s time 🙂 The holidays are celebrated in many different traditions, but we’re all celebrating with people that makes us feel happiness and madness at the same time. Believe it or not some of us might not want to speak to that person were upset at or bother, but overall we want and miss their presents. Therefore, this is the time to apologize or try to in any way that comes that comes in mind (be creative) because I know for some people it’s hard to apologize but you gotta do it. Like they say” Make love not war” before it’s to late, I’m sure you’ll feel better than ever.

Today’s post I want to share with you ladies and gentlemen my holiday outfit idea for those who adore black, casual and formal wear. What would you be wearing on your next holiday party? Remember don’t mind others, wear what you like. Yep you can never go wrong with black, especially for special events. Blacks is elegant, but why not mix it a little when you can well at least that’s the way I like to do it. Whose me with on this? So for this year holidays is why I chose this black blouse with red texture. I added the panty hose and shoes to give this outfit a little more of a formal look and a casual style with the shorts I fell in love with once I saw them the day of black friday shopping. I actually got a good deal they were only $ 11.99. Mix it like there no tomorrow on your next outfit of the day. Give it a shot, you might be shocked in what you put together. That’s a wrap for my holiday outfit idea, I hope I gave you guys an idea on what to wear for this upcoming holidays. Please let me know what you liked about this outfit, next week I’ll be showing you another idea.

Happiness and madness, it’s the beauty of life.

Holiday Outfit:

Black/Red Blouse: DTLA Fashion District

Black Shorts, Panty Hose & Bracelet: Forever 21

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Felics Fiestas/Happy holidays my fellow fashionistas*

Can’t wait to see you again, Xo Jen !

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