Rain Rain, Go Away … Maybe ….

 Hola, to all my world wide fashionista 😀 Christmas is almost here OH MY ! Whose been naughty or nice? Remember Santa always watching, so don’t forget to do laundry or don’t miss class/work.  And show nothing but love to those that have been with you at all times, support you, listen to you and care for you. Every day someone sadly dies and there also new born babies starting a new life. Therefore, don’t hesitate or let another day go by to let your family and loved ones know how you truly feel for them; tell them every once in a while.

Now let’s talk fashion ! Yay, the sun always know when to back. The weather here in LA has been varying from sunny day to rain, but we can’t complain now. It’s great for mother nature and it safe you from going to the car wash doesn’t it? Another thing that’s good news is that it allows us to bring out what we got from black friday shopping for example,  jackets, knitted sweaters, sweats, coats, and all the warm clothing we been wanting to wear. Because here in LA it isn’t compare to New York or Canada, they get to feel the real holiday weather. So after the rain I finally decided to tried my new pair of jeans I got, and let me tell you I haven’t own a pair of jean ever since middle school and I don’t usually wear tennis shoes unless I’m going to the gym. This outfit I put together has been something different for me and I loved it. It’s always good to try a new style that might even fit you, so go a head try something new for tomorrow or tonight. Let me know what you guys put together? Remember don’t let the brand fool you, and let’s give a huge applause to every designer out there with.

If you fell in love with what you found, wear it ! Fashion is what you create without having to be right or wrong.

Outfit Details

Jacket: Ross

Blouse: DTLA Fashion District 

Jeans: H & M

Shoes: Michael Kors

Shout-out to my photographers I adore very much Lesli And Jacki 🙂

Thank you fashionistas for stopping by, see you soon !

XO, Jen.

Stay in touch with me on Instagram @jenforpresident


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