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Hello, how you doing? Hope you’re getting ready for 2015, if not you’ve one whole day to remember why you’re doing what you have been doing this year and if it makes you happy. 2015 is our years to do what we do best, go big or go home. It’s time to give it our best shot and not give up on what you desire to accomplish, and yes I agree it’ll not be easy but keep striving and enjoy because when you react higher I’m sure you’ll be thrilled in what life will offer. And you’ll meet new that might want to stop you if so show them what you got, in the other hand there will be wonderful people that will appreciated you and help you. Just like I’m thankful to have met Lesli and Jacki last year in Fashion 1, they’re awesome advisers and friends to me. What makes it a strong friendship is honestly fashion and honesty. It’s great to be able to share things we like with each other, go to events, blog, explore, have girls night out and all the good stuff. So Lesli and Jacki had the idea of shooting a NYE inspiration outfit and I had the idea of sharing with you all a little of what we are about by matching blue but in our own sense of style. Like I mention in my last post it’s been feeling from 50-67 degrees, so the weather gives us a chance to show of our leg muscles we’re working on for the summer and keep warm with our coat in case it gets colder. NYE a day away I hope this can give you an idea on what to wear and express your self.






Jen’s Outfit:

Blazer: Thrift Store

Jumpsuit: DTLA Fashion Distic

Necklace And Boots: Forever 21






Happy last week of 2014, enjoy and thank you for stopping by. Xo, Jen !

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It’s Been A Pleasure 2014 !

Yep, this is the last week of 2014 ! How you ladies and gentlemen doing? Are you ready to say goodbye & start a new chapter? Well suck it up because life’s full of surprises whether they’re good or bad, their always something great for you. Happy holidays my fashonistas don’t mind others !

NYE Outfit:
Get this look & many more great clothing from Dailylook, this outfit I chose is part of the Little Black Dresses Collection. Here in LA the weather has been feeling 53-67 degrees and that’s just as cold as it can get here, so that’s why I went for this dress and coat to stay warm. I love jewelry and I try to add it into all my outfits, but for this dress I couldn’t because of the design the dress has I can’t ignore it. But I had to mix it a little so I chose a burgundy clutch to give my outfit a spicy look. What colors or patterns would you mix?

Thank you for stopping by can’t wait to see you all again, XO Jen !

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Gift Wrapping Using Magazines ? Why not :)

It’s Noche Buena/Christmas Eve my fashionistas !

Today’s your last day you can go shopping and wrap those gifts. So your time starts now ! And as for me I’m glad I got it over with it because since I’m Mexican-American we in the Hispanic Culture celebrate the birth of baby Jesus at 12:00 a.m and we’re also more than ready to unwrap our gifts. For other cultures you’re lucky to have another day of last minute shopping and wrapping. Therefore, it’s a pleasure to be here to help you from saving time and money at the same time. Because this last months can leave your bank account empty or half way there, so why not give this a shot? All for our families and loved ones that deserve the very best of this world.

Let’s start of with a fact about myself, I’m such a hoarder. I’m death serious guys, I like collections stuff I really like from clothes, accessories, books, school work, shopping receipts and anything I come across with that I think is cute. And as an example here I’m using my fashion magazines I have used for my previews classes this years, so I thought to myself I have a couple magazines saved why not use them as wrapping paper. Another two reason why this came to my mind was the people I did this for are my closest fashionistas friends I met last years in class (Fashion 1), the second one reason my mother had only brought gift bags at her store if she would of had wrapping paper I wouldn’t only save money but time as well. I enjoyed wrapping and choosing on what to cut and I’m really glad they loved it thank you girls.

This only took me about 10 mins it could be less if you don’t mind on what you’re choosing to wrap. In my case I wanted to describe my friends a little by cutting out colors they liked, clothing, and of course add Christmas spirit. I used H & M magazines, Glamour, NY, and remember you can use anything that’s related to fashion. You’ll need scissors, tape, ribbon, and don’t for get to have fun be creative. Happy Christmas Eve my fashionistas 😉/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/7eb/59540396/files/2014/12/img_0900.jpg






/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/7eb/59540396/files/2014/12/img_0938.jpgBest wishes have a blast with your family and loved ones.

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon Xo, Jen !


Holiday Party Ready, Are You?

Hey there !! Who excited for the holidays parties with family and friends? Why not, live it up a little it’s time 🙂 The holidays are celebrated in many different traditions, but we’re all celebrating with people that makes us feel happiness and madness at the same time. Believe it or not some of us might not want to speak to that person were upset at or bother, but overall we want and miss their presents. Therefore, this is the time to apologize or try to in any way that comes that comes in mind (be creative) because I know for some people it’s hard to apologize but you gotta do it. Like they say” Make love not war” before it’s to late, I’m sure you’ll feel better than ever.

Today’s post I want to share with you ladies and gentlemen my holiday outfit idea for those who adore black, casual and formal wear. What would you be wearing on your next holiday party? Remember don’t mind others, wear what you like. Yep you can never go wrong with black, especially for special events. Blacks is elegant, but why not mix it a little when you can well at least that’s the way I like to do it. Whose me with on this? So for this year holidays is why I chose this black blouse with red texture. I added the panty hose and shoes to give this outfit a little more of a formal look and a casual style with the shorts I fell in love with once I saw them the day of black friday shopping. I actually got a good deal they were only $ 11.99. Mix it like there no tomorrow on your next outfit of the day. Give it a shot, you might be shocked in what you put together. That’s a wrap for my holiday outfit idea, I hope I gave you guys an idea on what to wear for this upcoming holidays. Please let me know what you liked about this outfit, next week I’ll be showing you another idea.

Happiness and madness, it’s the beauty of life.

Holiday Outfit:

Black/Red Blouse: DTLA Fashion District

Black Shorts, Panty Hose & Bracelet: Forever 21

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Felics Fiestas/Happy holidays my fellow fashionistas*

Can’t wait to see you again, Xo Jen !

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Rain Rain, Go Away … Maybe ….

 Hola, to all my world wide fashionista 😀 Christmas is almost here OH MY ! Whose been naughty or nice? Remember Santa always watching, so don’t forget to do laundry or don’t miss class/work.  And show nothing but love to those that have been with you at all times, support you, listen to you and care for you. Every day someone sadly dies and there also new born babies starting a new life. Therefore, don’t hesitate or let another day go by to let your family and loved ones know how you truly feel for them; tell them every once in a while.

Now let’s talk fashion ! Yay, the sun always know when to back. The weather here in LA has been varying from sunny day to rain, but we can’t complain now. It’s great for mother nature and it safe you from going to the car wash doesn’t it? Another thing that’s good news is that it allows us to bring out what we got from black friday shopping for example,  jackets, knitted sweaters, sweats, coats, and all the warm clothing we been wanting to wear. Because here in LA it isn’t compare to New York or Canada, they get to feel the real holiday weather. So after the rain I finally decided to tried my new pair of jeans I got, and let me tell you I haven’t own a pair of jean ever since middle school and I don’t usually wear tennis shoes unless I’m going to the gym. This outfit I put together has been something different for me and I loved it. It’s always good to try a new style that might even fit you, so go a head try something new for tomorrow or tonight. Let me know what you guys put together? Remember don’t let the brand fool you, and let’s give a huge applause to every designer out there with.

If you fell in love with what you found, wear it ! Fashion is what you create without having to be right or wrong.

Outfit Details

Jacket: Ross

Blouse: DTLA Fashion District 

Jeans: H & M

Shoes: Michael Kors

Shout-out to my photographers I adore very much Lesli And Jacki 🙂

Thank you fashionistas for stopping by, see you soon !

XO, Jen.

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