Alice In Wonderland



Hello my fellow fashionistas 🙂 Are you ready for Halloween? Who’d you be this year? Get ready Halloween right around the corner, you’re never to old to dress up and have some with your family and friends; it’s another memory you’re making.

I introduce you ladies and gentlemen a DIY of Alice In Wonderland, I will be giving you details about my costume The Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp and I will also be showing the rest of the character. This has been such a great experince  I had fun making this costume and it’s all thanks to my lovely friends Lesli And Jacki which I adore very much than you for this idea and making me part of it. You aren’t too late to make up your own costume and have fun with it. Go ahead, be yourself !

The Mad Hatter has gone soft with colors. I have two different look for you guys, if you aren’t too into make up like I’m. Here a simple and naturel look. I use my regular make up I wear everyday which is mascara, powder, foundation, and lipstick.

Details of the costume made by your truly.

– Blazer from Forever 21, I got it from my closet I knew it would come in handy someday. Here a similar look you can try Brown Blazer.

-Muster Blouse from Forever 21, also from my closet I love the color it had to be part of it. You can also try this Blouse.

– Black Silk Scarf from 99cent store I used my water colors I had left from my fashion class last semester, so I said to myself why not give it a shot and paint. I think I did good right?

– Black Vest from my closet, it’s always good to have one. Simlar Black Vest you can try.

– The threads you see there are connected with a thin black shoe lace, you can use any type of strong string.

-Hat, I used cardboard, thin eating sticks I added glue glitter, birthday bow to rap it around, and fabric to cover the cardboard.

– Black Pants from Fashion District DTLA, similar Black Pants

-Sock from 99cents store, two different colors will do.

-Dark brown Boots from Forever 21

Here the second look I have for you guys, thanks to my dearest friend Lesli for the make up she did great 🙂 This for all you make up  lovers, this look from Johnny Depp  The Mad Hatter is amazing I mean he is in every character he plays. Go all out on the make up this character was made for that and it’s halloween why not. I’ll start you off with the inspiration make up Lesli chose for me.

Now check out this beauty Alice In Wonderland by Jacki for more details …. 

Along with her sister Lesli, she did a great job didn’t she check her out.

Last but not least, The Queen Of heart by Indira for more details you won’t regret it.

Thank you so much for stoping by I hope you all have a great halloween, be safe and enjoy 🙂

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XO, Jen !


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