Fashion is what you create ….

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”

Thank god it’s Thursday ! How are you guys doing today? I’m done with school for this week yay, but I have to some study because midterms are right around the corner right? As for now have a productive day and enjoy it please 🙂

 Fashion is never about being right or wrong in what you choose. I always go back and forth with colors and trends, I can never go by the rules of the season. Who’s with me on this?. This outfit an example, I was digging in my clothes and ran into pastel clothing, why not wear it?. So for today’s outfit I chose to go back to pastel colors and mixed it up with a dark red lipstick( the camera made it look light ) and black shoes. It went perfect with this mural behind me don’t you think?. And it went perfect with today’s weather, it’s 75 degrees pretty fresh to me, because it can get until 100 here in LA which is nothing compare to other cities and we still complain.

Smile you’re still alive, and life’s a beauty 😀

Where I got my outfit from ….

  Chinese Blouse: Thrift Store

Pants: Fashion District DTLA

Earrings, Watch & Clutch: Forever 21

Shoes: Andrea

God bless, and thank you for stopping by see you soon !

XO, Jen

Stay in touch with my fashion diary on Instagam : jenforpresident


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