Yeezy Taught Me🙌

Hola fashionisas, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 🙂 Now back to work and school it is ! Here in city of Los Angeles, the weather seems to vary everyday when it suppose to be fall season only. The only thing I have been having in mind to wear are jackets, sweatshirt, scarfs, & all the good stuff. But with 70 to 90 degree here you can only mix it up which I’m about. So in this case I pull out my fall clothes & favorite pieces when I pick out my outfits. For example, this outfit for today I went for a dark brown blazer for the little of windy we get here, and navy blue skirt for the heat. This way I get to feel comfortable as I’m balancing the weather with this style.

Don’t forget to always feel right about what you’re wearing, because you’ll have a long way of success. Yeezy taught me to always dress well regard where you’re going, because that’s a way of you showing a little of what you’re about. Give the best of you all the time and have fun choosing what you like. You choose you own fashion style, be fashionable and be yourself.

Dress well, learn new things, & enjoy life its a beauty 🙂

Kanye Outfit

Brown Blazer & Kanye Tee: Forever 21

Navy Blue Skirt: For only $12 Fashion District in DTLA

Bracelet & White Clutch: Forever 21

Heels: Steve Madden

See you soon, stay posted and thank you so much !

XO, Jen 🙂


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