Fashion Week LA, Day 1✨

IMG_7565-2.JPGHola mis fashionistas, the weekend finally here yay ! Hope you guys enjoy this weekend, make the best of it because life’s is full of surprises. Live your life and love it, and don’t forget to dress comfortable 🙂

Here in Cali the weather amazing, but this year it hasn’t moved on from summer. As the days go by the sun keeps getting strong as it can get here and it’s quite devastating. I mean come on it’s october halloween season and you know what that means, Trick or treat? Be creative, be yourself, and enjoy doing what you like. This is your chance to show your talent if it’s acting, sewing, and desinging, go for it. Have a blast and be safe !

IMG_7482-2.JPGFashion Week is finally here in LA, how dramatic ! I’m really looking forward to it, new patterns, new everything. Don’t forget to take your business cards with you and be ready to share your story. My first event this month took place inside the Maker City LA on Wednesday Oct 8 and 9, 2014, thanks to my friends Lesli and Jacki; it’s great to know we share the same interest in fashion. So here my outfit I wore to the first show and a few good shot I was able to take with my iPhone, Enjoy 🙂IMG_7568-2.JPG


IMG_7572.JPGThis show happen on Wednesday Oct 8, don’t forget that on Wednesday we wear black. Lesli my friends said to me” You can never go wrong with black, red and gold.” IMG_7564-0.JPG

IMG_7569-1.JPGAll black everything.

Black Laces Blouse and Skirt: Forever 21

 Black and Gold Scarf: Fashion District in DTLA

Black Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Black and White Clutch: Michael Kors

IMG_7487-3.JPGI fell in love with this walls, I just had to take a pictutre.

Wouldn’t your house look great if those desings were inside your place? Gold is a beauty, black, and white you can never go wrong with those color. IMG_7475.JPG





Thank you, so much for stopping by. Stay tune and dress for yourself 🙂 Any questions or comments are gladly welcome.

XOXO, Jen.


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