Summer Night Baby !

Hola, my dearest friends 🙂 Hope everyone enjoying their summer, if not do your best to leave all the bad vibes aside and enjoy because this is only the beginning of Summer 2014. Life’s a beauty 😀

I gotta apologize I haven’t been updating my blog lately 😦 I miss it !  But I’m getting myself back up, even if I have to take photos with my IPhone. There been so much going on with me and my family, but thank god we’re great and I’m doing my best to keep myself going. Remember to always stay positive and strive for your happiness 🙂

    Here in this photo I thought this window display went along with blogging and fashion. Don’t you guys think, I mean the T.V, the lips, the bright colors, and the girl. I loved it and of course I had to take photos 🙂 wouldn’t you ?

Summer Night call for a night out with a couple of friends, meeting new people, and enjoy the beauty of  Hollywood Highland.

Summer Night Outfit

White Sweat Shirt: Made by hand

White Short: Forever 21

Striped Bustier: American Apparel

Sandals: Andrea

Purse: Guess

Necklace: Fashion District, DTLA

Gracias, I really appreciate every single person that stopped by ! Don’t forget to dress for yourself and enjoy because life’s a beauty. God bless, xoxo Jen 😀


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