Oh Summer, is that you there ….

Yep! It’s summer right around the corner, whose excited? This Cali weather is going nuts, but at last summer getting closer. My fellow fashionistas you guys know what that means,  ocean breeze, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, clothes gets tighter, so make sure to enjoy this year because life’s short, but always see the beauty of it.



For today’s post I have for you guys something simple and quick ( pictures were taken with my iphone 5). This week been nothing, but busy with school and the fashion show that’s happening tomorrow. I’ve the info for you guys if you can scroll all the way. I’ll be one of the many other model, so come by and show your love my fashionistas. So back to this post,  I really hope you guys enjoy this outfit  it’s something different I wanted to try. I don’t usually go with grey, so I wanted to give it a shot and I got this pants and crop top. I wanted to added something to cover my upper body because this weather here in Los Angeles has been ridiculous, so I went for a bright orange and of course you can’t go wrong with dark brown boots. Well that’s actually one of the color I usually always go for rather than black, I think almost any brown can go with almost everything. Who agrees with me? One last thing about my background I just had to take a photo I mean look at the beautiful flower, isn’t it pretty ?

Jacket: Thrift Store

Necklace, Pants, Crop Top: H & M

Cross Earring: DTLA Fashion District

Boots: Andrea



20140528-222140-80500871.jpgYay ! Thank you so much for stopping by, hope to see you guys often.

God bless, XOXO Jen 😀

Hope to see you fashion lovers !


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