Cali Weather Got me Feeling ….

      Hey there my fellow fashionsitas ! This week has finally gone back to Spring weather, the past week it felt like it was summer already. I gotta admit it felt great, but come on we’re still on spring. Spring fashion means  pastel colors,  floral clothing,  blazers, sweaters, boots, dresses, and all the other good stuff. For today’s new post I decided to go with a red blazer, blue stripped dress, black fedora, caramel clutch, and nude wedges.  I wanted to go with this stripped shirt that was converted into a dress because it makes this outfit blended with red for spring fashion. I love how caramel and nude can go with almost everything in my opinion, I usually wear all types of brown with almost anything. What do you guys think? Anyone  else does this?

I wanted to point out that yes wedges are very comfy to where almost everywhere, it isn’t similar to high heels. But yes i gotta admit that you can get tired after a long walk or if you’re standing for almost five hours. Try wearing wedges next time you go on a girls day out and let me know how it goes thanks ! Ever since I cut my hair I been wanting to know what type of hairstyle I can do with my short hair, I need help guys any suggestions? The only thing I came up with and enjoy is a black fedora. And as always I added jewelry to my outfit black, gold, and grey necklace.

I got my outfit:

Black Fedora & Necklace : DTLA District

Red Blazer, Shades & Ring : Forever21

Stripped Dress: Ross

Clutch: Nine West

Nude Wedges: Goodwill for only $ 10.00

It’s been a pleasure sharing my blogg with you all, thank you so much for stopping by 😉

XOXO, Jen !


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