It’s TBT, to M.Dot Design Studio !

What up Ladies and Gentlemen, whats your TBT for today?

Hope everyone enjoying this awesome weather in Los Angeles, If you aren’t I understand this heat has been strong it has been about 90 degrees  feeling like it’s Summer.  Yep summer right in the corner guys 🙂  I’ve a love and hate relationship with the heat haha ! I sweat and sweat, ends up messing up my outfit at times. Well back to TBT, today I want to share with you guys this awesome experience I had with my girls Lesli and Jacki at The W Hotel for M.Dot Design Studio. And of course what I wore my another day another outfit, hope you all enjoy 🙂


  unnamed (1)

Here a sneak peek to The W Hotel, isn’t it lovely? I loved it, there so much to do there from going for a swim, to having a few drink, hang out at the bar and have a good time. The M.Dot Design Studio was great, I loved everything they had I wished I would’ve taken photo, but I had a great time that there wasn’t a change to take a few shots. They’ll be another event in the same place If you guys would like to experience it, it’ll be head in the same place tomorrow from 5-9 p.m don’t miss it 🙂

Fashionistas, whose loving Springs Patel Colors? For this event I wanted to feel fresh since the weather has been varying lately, so  I thought I’d go with pastel colors and I came up with green high waited shorts, pink blouse, long nude cardigan, and I thought denim wedges went along with pastel colors. What do you guys think about adding denim wedges?

Blouse & Shorts: Forever 21

Cardigan: My mother friend makes them by hand.

Wedges: lola’s

Necklace: Thirty Store

It has been great sharing my blog with you all, thank you so much for stopping by god bless 🙂

XOXO, Jen.


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