Spring 2014.

Hey there, beauties ! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, with this weather that varies a lot here in Los Angeles. But let’s enjoy it as much as we can because remember life’s a beauty, it’s god creation. Why not, get up, shower, dress, go for a walk, and enjoy there so much out there you’ll be surprised 🙂

For today’s another day another outfit, I wanted something fresh and comfy so I chose a long skirt, crop top, and to make this outfit a little formal for spring I added a blazer; like always I added jewelry to my outfit i think it just completes outfits. let me know what you guys think about adding jewelry to almost every outfit.  Who else loves long pattern skirt? They’re absolutely the best for any season from plain colors, floral, striped ect.

I love this outfit, it keeps you fresh and comfy at the same time.  And why not add wedges since its feeling like summer getting closer and closer.  this shoes are really comfy, refreshing, and I’m in love with the spring color it has. It’s getting hot in here, so let me take my close out haha ! I’m kidding guys this outfit too comfy you guys should try it out  let me know what you guys put together.

 Blazer, necklace & crop top: Fashion District DTLA

Watch: Forever 21

Long skirt: Ross

Wedges: Andrea

Thank you for taking your time to stop by my blog, don’t hesitate let me know what you guys think 🙂




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