Spring 2014.

Hey there, beauties ! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, with this weather that varies a lot here in Los Angeles. But let’s enjoy it as much as we can because remember life’s a beauty, it’s god creation. Why not, get up, shower, dress, go for a walk, and enjoy there so much out there you’ll be surprised 🙂

For today’s another day another outfit, I wanted something fresh and comfy so I chose a long skirt, crop top, and to make this outfit a little formal for spring I added a blazer; like always I added jewelry to my outfit i think it just completes outfits. let me know what you guys think about adding jewelry to almost every outfit.  Who else loves long pattern skirt? They’re absolutely the best for any season from plain colors, floral, striped ect.

I love this outfit, it keeps you fresh and comfy at the same time.  And why not add wedges since its feeling like summer getting closer and closer.  this shoes are really comfy, refreshing, and I’m in love with the spring color it has. It’s getting hot in here, so let me take my close out haha ! I’m kidding guys this outfit too comfy you guys should try it out  let me know what you guys put together.

 Blazer, necklace & crop top: Fashion District DTLA

Watch: Forever 21

Long skirt: Ross

Wedges: Andrea

Thank you for taking your time to stop by my blog, don’t hesitate let me know what you guys think 🙂




Journey Of A Dress By DvF

Hola ! How’s everyone doing today? Today’s Throwback Thursday guys & here also my outfit of the day I chose for this event 🙂 

unnamed (8) unnamed (11)

Fashion events are always fun and you may never know whose looking right? That’s something my family always tells me and it’s competently true you might find your soul mate or even better your dream job. Dress for yourself ! Well for this event I went with spring colors, floral shorts, pastel pink blouse, a short blazer, pastel green wedges and as always I love adding gold jewelry.

Shorts: Thief Store

Blouse & Blazer: Fashion District in DTLA

Necklace, watch & Shades: Forever 21

Shoes: Andrea (name of the brand)

unnamed (12)

 LACMA amazing light !


Last weekend I got the chance to experience this amazing exhibition by Diane Von Furstenburg called “Journey Of A Dress”, shout-out to Sistas From Cali for taking me! As you walk in the exhibition you’ll see a great quote By DVF, “Fashion is a mysterious energy, a visual moment-impossible to predict where it goes.” Live a fashion show, life a beauty you guys ! She is absolutely right, you never know what fashion can be. Fashion a part of our life, so why not be yourself show what you’re about. As you walk down to this pink hall way you can see many of her dresses worn in movies, you’ll see Zooey Dechanel from “New Girl”, Michelle Obama, Paris Hiltion and many other women. It an awesome pink hall way, I’m sure all you pink lovers would love it !

This the hugest room in the exhibition and the first thing you see when you walk in. As you can see I couldn’t help myself but to take a photo it look amazing right?

Here we have two of my favorites dress collections. You guys should stop by you'll love it ! & let me know what are your favorite?

Here we have two of my favorite collection, the first one has spring colors and the second one is different kind of cheetah print. You guys should stop by soon last day on May 1. And let me know which ones were your favorites?

Remember to stay tune my fashionistas this is only the beginning of my come back, thank you so much for stopping back, xoxo Jen !

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo (62)

Hello Fashionistas, I’m back & it feels so goooood 😀 Hope you guys enjoy & feel free to ask questions.Little Tokyo (65)

I’m so happy to be back guys !! Let me get this started I had class this morning and this passed days have been crazy the weather has been varies right? Its Spring not summer yet whose with me? Well for today’s another day another outfit I decided to go for something comfy and simple. Why not all denim (even my shoes), two dark colors burgundy and black, since this weather keeps varies ill have a sweater just in case.

Little Tokyo (81)

Little Tokyo (112)
A day well spend in Little tokyo, have you guys ever stopped by? If not you guys should definitely do so.
Little Tokyo (127)

Little Tokyo (130)

thank you for stopping by & stay tune for more,

xoxo Jen !